NEW: Are Digital File Downloads Really Free?

Yes, most school events photographed during the 2023-2024 school year will have all images available for free download for local teams. (Bishop Diego, Cate, Dos Pueblos, Laguna Blanca, San Marcos, Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez). Just create an account then you can download any image(s) you want using the download icon on each photo.

Free downloads are only available to registered users to keep bots from downloading images. Most accounts will register automatically in a couple of seconds, but some may need to be manually verified by us first. You can message us using the contact form if your account is not verified immediately. (A valid e-mail address is required to receive the auto-response).

Simple... each gallery that has free images available will have a download icon on every image. Click it then save to your computer, tablet, or phone. NOTE: You are downloading a full size image and the file size will be between 1MB & 2.5MB.  

If you need a smaller image size, you can either resize it yourself or simply add the image(s) to your shopping cart and when you check out (don't worry, it is still free), you will be given an option of up to 4 file sizes. Multiple images will be delivered as a zip file.

By request, images for local schools are once again posted in the home team and visiting team galleries.  If you are a visiting team outside of Santa Barbara/Goleta/Carpinteria, your images will be posted in the home team gallery only.

You probably joined on our old system. When I rebuilt the site, for security I deleted all previous accounts. Just re-join. The process is much faster and easier now. Be sure to use a valid e-mail address to receive an automated email to verify you are a real person - you will be able to login as soon as you verify your email. (We will never send you spam. We will probably never send you anything other than your order).

A SMALL image is good for online use and posting to social media. The image size is a minimum of 600px on the long side @ 72dpi. We do not suggest printing images from this file size.

A MEDIUM image is good for online posting as well as printing up to 5"x7". The image size is a minimum of 1024 pixels on the long side @ 300dpi.

A LARGE image is 3000 pixels on the long sde at 300dpi. This is good for printing up to 20x30 inch prints or resizing for use online.

Purchase the largest size that you will need. You can always resize the image down. If you need multiple sizes and can't resize them yourself, let us know what size(s) you need in the comments section of the order and we will size them for you.

We make this as easy as possible. If you purchase a digital file, you can use it for any purpose you want. You can crop it, post it, give it away to friends and family, you can print it and even submit it for news articles. The only thing you can not do is sell it or claim it is an image you took.

Yes, you can request we remove an image. We try to make sure the images posted are of high quality and the individuals in the images look good. Sometimes one slips by us. 

If you would like an image removed, click on the Share icon on the bottom right of the image (next to the shopping cart), and click on the blue triangle. You will be taken to a form to request removal. We try to remove images within 6 hours of a request, but it may take a day if we are shooting or busy editing.

If you include your e-mail on the request form (optional), we will let you know when it was removed.

Yes.  The best way to request we photograph your event/sport is the contact form. That will be sent to our e-mail address as well as forwarded to our cell phones. Try to let us know the date, time, & location at least a few days in advance. Most events we cover are by request, but should we not have one, we will show up at random games.

Add images to your shopping cart while browsing galleries. Click on the shopping cart on the bottom right of the image. You will be presented with size options for that image. You will see a thumbnail of all images you add to your cart under the slide show at the top of the page.

Via E-Mail. When we receive an order, we manually color correct each image for the best color. You will be sent JPG images via e-mail. Should you have difficulty receiving images, we will e-mail you a llink to download the images in ZIP format. The download link will be valid for 14 days.

Free images, from events where offered, will be received as soon as you click the download button.

Yes. Often we post to Santa Barbara Pix (this site) as well as MaxPreps - especially if a visiting team does not know us. Here is a link to all galleries since 2012.
MaxPreps Photo Galleries

Yes. You are welcome to use Santa Barbara Pix images in your yearbook. Send us a message letting us know what school and your position with the yearbook. We will let you know how to go about getting copies of the images you need. There is never a charge for this - we make them available for any High School for use in the Yearbook. (You only need to contact us for images that are not available for free download).